is a world-leading Leadership Advisor and Mentor

to founders and CEOs 

to expand into the impossible through self-mastery

With her unique approach, Boryana guides highly successful entrepreneurs and leaders to master their emotions, mindset, and spiritual connection that leverage their fulfillment in life and the performance of their companies.

Boryana’s work is a blend of deep transformational inner work and business strategy aligned with your essence and core values. She brings her sixteen years of the highest-level business experience and partnership and over eleven years of deep transformational mentorship, somatic psychotherapy, energy healing, and consulting.

She sees beyond the surface-level challenges that you are facing. She hears between the words you are saying. She senses where the key to the breakthrough lies and guides you to reach this space and transform it from within in the moment.

She guides you to the core of what is keeping you from moving forward and shifting it in minutes. It changes how you see and experience yourself, impacts your relationships with family, teams, and clients, and profoundly affects your business expansion.

When you work with Boryana, your experience is highly-curated to your desires and visions.

You are being guided from your energy at the moment and craft the path to where you want to get deeper and higher.

You are met in a state of pure presence and deep soul connection.

Every meeting is always unique for you as it reflects your energy at the moment.

You are guided to a deeply connected, grounded, and safe space within where

Your perspective expands, 

Inner relaxation occurs,

And you open for the potent breakthroughs 

And new creation possibilities start to open for you in the field.

Boryana works with some of the world’s best leaders and entrepreneurs to help them create an impact and bring their wildest visions to life. 

She is known for her depth and laser focus that effortlessly solves her client’s challenges, expands their perspectives, and opens new possibilities in their reality.

She inspires them to stretch their minds, open their heart-mind to limitless possibilities, and step into their genius.

She supports extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs to revolutionize industries and build a legacy.

“It was like she knew what I felt and experienced better than myself!”

Boryana established trust that is necessary for deep healing. I found her holistic approach well suited to my needs and, most importantly, I knew that in each session she listened to me in order to decide what I needed that day to move forward.

From the onset, she treated me like she would a close friend, with a level of non-judgmental understanding and care I had never experienced from anyone. It’s hard to explain properly, but it was like she knew what I felt and experienced better than myself. I think that was the key to the success of this whole experience henceforth.

I had her support for one year, over the course of which the role it played in my life evolved. At first, it was, without exaggeration, life-saving; its effects – immediate and powerful. Then, with time, she helped me learn how to ‘navigate my own boat’. The effects of this part of our work I still feel to this day.

Every now and then I have an epiphany about something that happened or was spoken or felt during that time. And every so often I’m still struck that a memory which had plagued me for years has completely lost its hold over me. I would confidently say, without any hesitation, that the decision to pick up my phone and call Boryana was the best decision I ever made. It changed my life forever.

Dayana Atanasova