You know that it’s the energy you create from that defines the quality of your creations

When you deepen your capacity to lead yourself and navigate through all your emotions and inner reality, you alchemize with ease and align with the frequency you desire to create your reality from.

Your emotions and inner visions are your inner compass. 

You don’t want to ignore them, but you equally don’t want to stay addicted to old emotions and stuck in inner patterns and outdated visions of your life.


Your way of BEING is what really matters.

When you tune into your body and be present for yourself for everything that you feel,

When you become aware of your inner picture that is deeper than your mind’s understanding,

When you cultivate great capacity to hold and lead your inner child with love and compassion,

When you expand your perspective to see the bigger picture and your place in your family system,

When you let your mind rest and tap into the deeper knowing of your soul and Highest self

You learn to ALCHEMISE whatever you experience into serenity, safety, presence, joy, expansion, and relaxation within your body and energy system.

This is when you become a MASTER NAVIGATOR of your life experience and all your creations. 


4 x 60-minute 1:1 Deep Healing and Activation sessions 

These private sessions with me are held in a safe sacred space for you to dive deep into your being and deepest inner knowing. We meet in a state of pure presence and deep soul connection.

You connect with layers of your being you haven’t met before. 

You release the constructs of the mind of how things are and should be and tap into the deeper wisdom of your body and soul. 

We always start from your energy in the moment and I and my guides are gently guiding you to navigate your inner reality deeper and higher. 

You heal and transmute any stagnation, sadness, pain, anger, resentment that may be lingering in your system even when you are not aware about it.

You deepen your capacity to hold and lead yourself through your emotions.

You expand your perspective to the highest truth that is driving your life.

You open up to receive the love, money, abundance in your life.

The codes of highest love and highest truth are being activated within you.

You anchor into the highest frequency of love.

Private Messenger support 

This is the time when your inner resistance, old patters and outdated identities show up.

Integration after the deep healing and activation that are taking place during our 1:1 session is equally important.

You receive support to anchor this new knowing into your life and business. You are supported to stay tapped into the frequency of the new codes and knowing that have been activated. 

You master how you lead yourself moment to moment. 

You learn how to clear any resistance and tendency to hold onto the old that feels known, safe and secure and lean into your wiser and deeper self and your higher knowing. 



You have done significant inner work and healing, but you feel like nothing is changing and you feel blocked where you are

You’ve expanded your business so far and you feel there are inner patterns that showing up and you are willing to look at and transmute so you clean the path to grow further in life and business

You desire to release old identities that are holding you back and step into a bigger and wiser you that holds the keys for your inner and outer growth 

You want to get deeper into your inner truth and deepest knowing

You desire to expand into trusting yourself, trusting life and trusting other people

You are willing to open up your heart to receive more in love, life and business 

You want to bring love, compassion and deeper understanding into any significant relationship that you are struggling with

You are willing to tap deeper into your body and transmute old patterns and emotions that are stored there

You desire to calm anxiety, build confidence and awaken creativity

You desire to navigate your life from a place of highest love and highest truth

Hi, I am Boryana,

A self-mastery and spiritual mentor for high-level entrepreneurs and leaders who desire to know and express themselves fully and align their soul mission and business for the highest good of all.

I see beyond the surface-level challenges that you are facing. I hear between the words you are saying. I sense where the key to the breakthrough lies, and I guide you to reach this space and transform it from within in the moment.

I guide you to the core of what is keeping you from moving forward and shifting it in minutes. This changes the way you see and experience yourself, impacts you relationships with family and clients, and profoundly affects your business expansion.

We always start from your energy at the moment and craft the path to where you want to get deeper and higher.

We meet in a state of pure presence and deep soul connection.

We create a path by following the energy in the direction that is the right path at the moment,

Something is ready in your field to be disclosed, seen, cleaned, and healed,

Personal or ancestral, from this lifetime or past lifetimes.

It’s a deep soul level work that is rooted in the present moment

And the infinite potential of the moment.


“Her deep connection and inner silence also supported me to go to that space within myself where I met hidden aspects of myself”

When I signed up for Boryana’s program I was hoping for some clarity in what direction to take in life. I felt like one thing was coming to an end and I wanted to explore what might fill that space. Through her strength and loving presence, Boryana guided me to recognize what I was missing.

Before we get started, I hesitated a little bit because of my expectations of coaching based on my previous experience. I’m surprised and so pleased with the process which has far exceeded my expectations. Her support has helped me to shift my perspective from mind-inspired goals to working on a much deeper level. She has helped me to see that the connection that I was missing in my life and seeking from the outside world is actually to be found inside. This concept I knew in words but something was missing. I’m now having experiences of the power, strength, and trust that comes when I see hidden aspects of myself, accept them, and take them into my heart.

Boryana works with depth, providing a safe and supported environment. She has worked deeply on her own issues which gives her the potential to hold the space for others to go deep. Not only that, she is highly skilled and experienced and I feel trust in her presence. Her deep connection and inner silence also support me to go to that space within myself where I met hidden aspects of myself. I couldn’t have come to this place without Boryana’s authenticity, open heart, and the non-judgmental space for self-exploration that she seamlessly provides. She has undoubtedly opened a door and I am incredibly grateful to her for shining the light in this direction and giving me the tools to face what arises with curiosity and love. I emerge from the program with something much greater than an action plan for my work but with the ability to see and hear my soul and respond in the moment to the flow and joy of life.

I can’t recommend Boryana highly enough. I feel like it has been life-changing for me. Thanks to her support and guidance, eight weeks later I’m feeling enthusiastic, energetic, and excited about life and inspired with a new perspective to living, working, and sharing my gifts.

Claire Coulter

Reiki Teacher and Energy Healer

“She holds the space of objective presence that allows me to get to the root of the problem.”

Boryana has the ability to hold the space of objective presence that allows me to get to the root of the problem and solve it for myself. She is profound in the skillful use of various tools that seem very simple, but applying them leads to rapid transformation and a radical change in perspective. After having sessions with her, life feels lighter, simpler, and without struggle with myself. I will reach out to her again when I need it and strongly recommend her. Thanks!


Elena Popova 
Intuitive Health Coach

“She has the ability to look into your soul and help you see its beauty – and teach you to connect with it more and more. “

From the very beginning, I had no hesitations I have met the right mentor for me – her presence, comforting voice, and ability to make me feel safe has always been presented in our work together.

It’s hard for me to mention and remember all the inner transformations and growth that occurred due to her guidance. I managed to reach my inner peace, create a space for joy and inspiration, and find the value of life as it is. I feel like I’m on the right path for myself and am looking forward to what is yet to come with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Boryana’s part in my journey is being the wise voice that always understands me and motivates me to do better, feel better and create better. Her own passion for life and development is inspiring and contagious, and I doubt anyone can resist trying to take even a little bit of her attitude. She has the ability to look into your soul and help you see its beauty – and teach you to connect with it more and more.

Thank you, Boryana, for all your energy, involvement, and guidance!


Mariya Ilcheva
Data Engineer