Boryana is the Self-Mastery Mentor and Advisor to some of the extraordinary leaders on the planet.
Her passion for her client’s success, sensitivity to their inner limitations, and profound wisdom and experience amplify their genius and business impact.

Boryana is a game-changer.

She works with founders and CEOs who have big visions, build a legacy, and create change for the better of humanity. 

Her work is entirely unique.

She provides her clients with exquisite, high-level support to master themselves emotionally, spiritually, and energetically and expand beyond their inner limitations and into what’s impossible. 

They deepen their connection with themselves and embody their infinite potential to levels they haven’t even imagined existed before.

She expands their self-identity and self-trust for them to stretch and grow at their highest capacity.

She holds them to their highest potential and boldest visions for them to expand from within and bring to life their wildest ideas.

She brings her experience of 11+ years as a body psychotherapist, energy healer, and transformational coach, along with her expertise from the highest corporate management level of 16+ years from different industries.

This kind of work is for those who’d love to live in the zone, knows that true expansion only comes from within, and desire to tap into their infinite potential and feel masterful creators of their life.

It’s a real transformative work, moment to moment, that expands you to the level of self-mastery you didn’t know was possible and that ripples through all areas of your life.

Boryana works with a small group of hand-selected clients on their self-mastery and business expansion.

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There are leaders, and there are visionary leaders.


The latter are those who change the world

With their vision

With their zest for life

With their passion for evolution


I am here for those kind of leaders

Who desire to make the impossible possible,

 have their eyes on the future,

And invest their energy into their wildest ideas and visions.


If you are this kind of person

You already hold all the codes within your being

You already know what puts your mind and heart on fire

And you love to work with the best


I am here for you to help you make it happens.

“She has led me to a better understanding of myself and the importance of taking ownership of one’s own life.”

Boryana was recommended to me by an acquaintance almost 2 years ago, and my recent decision to follow up on that recommendation is probably one of the best things that I have done for myself in quite a while.

The sessions with Boryana, which are carried out in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality, have helped me identify the causes of and subsequently face a number of personal and emotional issues that were keeping me from moving forward in life and enjoying it to the fullest. As an engaged and attentive mentor, Boryana has been providing me with the guidance and support necessary to overcome frequent bouts of depression and a lack of motivation and has led me to a better understanding of myself and the importance of taking ownership of one’s own life.

George Gutzev

“She is able to see the truth or at least where the truth lies.”

I feel relaxed and calm in Boryana’s presence.

Her questions are so real and perceptive that it feels like she already knows the answers, at least partly, or that she knows exactly the right avenue to go down. It seemed like she always knew when to go with something to follow it and when to go onto another track.

She is able to see the truth or at least where the truth lies.

Chris Fentonio